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VAG Diagnostic Tools

Model: PUCN-CB127
4-IN-1 VAG TOOL KIT 1.VAG DASH COM +CAN   NEW: EDC16 / EDC15 / ME7 via the OBD EEprom read and write (EDC15/ME7 completely KM EDC16 currently stand will be constantly expanded.expanded.After a lengthy development phase, we are proud Our new product to introduce: VAG vehicles that the new generatio..
Model: PUCN-CA132-3
New VAS 5054 Plus ODIS V5.1.3 Without Bluetooth and OKI Chip   VAS 5054 PLUS Fetures: 1. Software version: ODIS V5.1.32. Software Languages: English/Japanese/Portuguese/Romanian/Korean/Dutch/Polish/Turkish/Spanish/French/Italian/Croatian/Danish/German/Swedish/Finnish/Slovenian/Czech/Russian/Greek..
Model: PUCN-CB119
Downloadvvdi-main-function.pdf Latest VVDI V3.5.3 China VAG Vehicle Diagnostic Interface Top 6 Reasons to Get VVDI:1. Latest Version: V3.5.32. Update Online3. Operating System: Win7 and XP4. The VVDI IMMO Plus V2.7.6 Includes the VAG Commander and Tag Key Tool Software. You Don't Ne..
Model: PUCN-B113
VAG DASH CAN V5.05Top 8 Reasons To Get VAG DASH CAN out trouble codes of CAN-ECU and erase them.2.recalibrate the out the login / secret key code (SKC)4.add keys to the car even though you don't have all existing keys available.5.write the vehicle identification number a..
Model: PUCN-CB107
VAG dash COMVAGdashCOM is the unique advanced diagnostic tool to read out the internal memory of your Instrument cluster ,You can display the login code, recalibrate the odometer and rewrite the EEpromdata in case of changing an instrument.  VAGdashCOM covers up the models 1998-2004 such as: Golf..
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