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Professional Diagnostic Tools

Model: PUCN-CA163-1
AutoExpert 200 for all ford,mazda and landrove FLY Switch software can install 2 softwares(Ford and Mazda IDS..
Model: PUCN-CA305
Autologic vehicle diagnostics tool for VOLVO Autologic VOLVO is easy to navigate.  Information is displayed on a large touch sensitive screen through a simple menu structure,supported by extensive help screens.  Coverage and Capability Autologic VOLVO covers vehicles from 1996 onwards In..
Model: PUCN-CA154
Best Quality 2020C CAT Caterpillar ET Diagnostic Adapter III CAT ET Diagnostic Tool PLUS Lenovo X220 Laptop (Real Caterpillar ET Adapter 3) We will install the software before ship, so you can get it work directly after you receive it. Please pay attention..
Model: PUCN-CA168-2
Best Quality Multi-Diag Access J2534 Pass-Thru OBD2 Device V2018.03 Support Multi-LanguageTop 4 Reasons to Get Multi-Diag J2534:1. Newest Version: V2018.32. Languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italish, Polish, Portuguese, Romania..
Model: PUCN-CA209-1
Best Quality NEXIQ 125032 USB Link Truck Diagnostic Tool with All Adapters 7 Reasons To Get Nexiq 125032 :1.NEXIQ 125032 USB Link is compatible with applications that diagnose engines, transmissions, ABS, instrument panels and more.2.Reduce reprogramming times with direct USB connection3.Mixed fleet..
Model: PUCN-CA102-1
The software of GT1will be isntalled in the HDD well before delivery to customers. Hard disk fit IBM T30..
Model: PUCN-CA102-3
The software of GT1 will be isntalled in the IBM T30 laptop well before delivery to customers. The version of  software: DIS is V57,SSS is V41     DIS Language Available: English, German ,Russian,Japanese ,Chinese, Korean and so on! SSS Language Available: English, Deutsch(German), Turkish, French..
Model: PUCN-CA442
BMW ICOM NEXT + MB STAR C4 with Lenovo T420 laptop BENZ BMW Software Full Set Ready to Use Lots of customer encounter setting problem when using BMW ICOM NEXT BMW ICOM next A+B+C And MB STAR C4 diagnosis, so we recommend this bundling sale for those customer who want once get in hand then can use it..
Model: PUCN-CA128-1
Downloadv57-sss39-new-installation-manual.pdf BMW OPPS Diagnose and Programming Fit All Computer Version DIS V57 SSS V39     The software of OPPS will be installed in the HDD before dilevery to customers. protable hard disk  fit All Computers..
Model: PUCN-CA128-2
  BMW OPPS Fit IBM T30 Version DIS V57 SSS V41   The software of OPPS will be installed in the HDD before dilevery to customers. Hard disk fit IBM T30..
Model: PUCN-CA128-3
  BMW OPPS Plus IBM T30 Fit BMW OPPS   The software of OPS will be installed in the IBM T30 Laptop before dilevery to customers. The version of DIS  is V57,the version of SSS is V41    Description:On vehicle models from the E65 on, BMW is for the first time using fibre-optic cables as standard..
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