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Airbag Resetting

Model: PUCN-CR110
Airbag Resetting and Anti-Theft Code Reader 2 in 1 Airbag Reset Tool Attention: This device can't update now ,please kindly note.Description:When an explosion occurs in an airbag or the SRS light is turned on accidentally, commonly the airbag controller should be replaced since the traditional tools..
Model: PUCN-CR115
Downloadairbag-universal-repair-car-list.pdf Airbag Universal Repair 3.0 Ultimate 2016 Version Code Calculator USB dongle Airbag Universal Repair is the best software for the repair of ECU of airbag, accompanied by a graphical interface very simple and intuitive. Airbag Universal..
Model: PUCN-CS151-1
Downloaddiatronik-srs-dash-calc-eps-tool-user-manual.pdf Gprog Lite SL Adapter for Diatronik SRS OBD Tool Diatronic DTR UART Adapter Diatronic CalC Tool, Works together with Diatronic, used to read renesas and infineon on circuit. Description : GprogliteSL does all MCUs R7F7, Re..
Model: PUCN-CS153
Oil Service Reset Tool (OT901)   The Oil/Service and Airbag Reset Tool is specially designed to reset oil service light, oil inspection light, service mileage, service intervals and airbag on most major Asian, American and European vehicles without using the OEM scan tool. Save money on expensive..
Model: PUCN-CS151
Downloaddiatronik-srs-dash-calc-eps-tool-user-manual.pdf Diatronik SRS+DASH+CALC+EPS OBD Tool Support All Renesas and Infineon via OBD2 Diatronik SRS+DASH+Calculation+EPS OBD Tool with USB Dongle Diatronik Support all renesas and Infineon airbag restore by OBD2 up to 2016 Di..
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