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VW/Audi EPB Service Tool

VW/Audi EPB Service Tool
VW/Audi EPB Service Tool
VW/Audi EPB Service ToolVW/Audi EPB Service Tool retracts calipers electrically, allowing the brake pads to be removed for serv..
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VW/Audi EPB Service Tool

VW/Audi EPB Service Tool retracts calipers electrically, allowing the brake pads to be removed for service. Also useful in fitting new park brake motors, brake calipers and discs, as well as replacing wheel hubs, because the calipers are safely retracted, releasing the braking components. Advances calipers after servicing to the original position without affecting the current calibration. Initializes the wear indicator if new pads installed. Enters new pad thickness. Can also recalibrate Tilt Angle, if necessary!

Work with confidence on newer VW, Audi, vehicles with integrated electronic brake systems. Use the tool with the OEM procedures built in!

PLATFORM                                                         MODEL YEARS
Passat(3C Chassis)                                             2005-2010
 Passat CC(35 Chassis)                                      2009-2011
 Passat(36 Chassis)                                            2011-2012
 Sharan(7N Chassis)                                           2011-2012
 Tiguan(5N Chassis)                                           2008-2011
 Touareg(7P Chassis)                                         2010-2012

  PLATFORM                                                       MODEL YEARS
 A4(8K Chassis)                                                   2008-2011
 A5(8F Chassis)                                                   2010-2012
 A5(8T Chassis)                                                   2007-2011
 A6(4F Chassis)                                                   2006-2011
 A6(4G Chassis)                                                   2011-2012
 A7(4G Chassis)                                                   2009-2012
 A8(4E Chassis)                                                   2006-2010
 A8(4H Chassis)                                                   2010-2012
 Allroad(4F Chassis)                                            2006-2011
 Allroad(4G Chassis)                                           2011-2012
 Q3(8U Chassis)                                                  2012
 Q5(8R Chassis)                                                  2008-2012
 S4(8K Chassis)                                                  2008-2011
 S5(8F Chassis)                                                  2010-2012
 S5(8T Chassis)                                                  2007-2011
 S6(4F Chassis)                                                  2006-2011
 S6(4G Chassis)                                                  2011-2012
 S8(4E Chassis)                                                  2006-2010


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