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Auto key Programmer

Model: PUCN-CT238
Downloadmb-key-obd2-key-programmer-user-manual.pdf 2017 Original V1.06.08 Diagspeed MB Key OBD2 Mercedes Benz Key Programmer(Powerful than VVDI Benz BGA Tool ) Supports All keys Lost Mb Key Obd2 is professional equipment for the manufacture of electronic keys Cars Mercedes. Make key..
Model: PUCN-CT240
Benz Small key Programmer EIS Repair Tool Feature:  New tool can programming new blank key with BIN file that's is generating using Dump Modify softwareFunction: it communication with key via IR and RF in mercedes benz security protocol .( that's meaning you can use it for all type keys and if t..
Model: PUCN-CT215-3
 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus for SKP-900 Key Programmer 46/4D/48 Adapter Plus Product Functions:1. READThis function is used to identify the chip type, chip ID, empty and locked. Supported chip models are T5, PCF7935, PCF7936(hitag2), PCF7941, pcf7942, pcf7943, PCF7946, PCF7952,  PCF7953, PCF7938(HITAG3),..
Model: PUCN-CT300
4D Cloning Tool Key ProgrammerNotes:1) Throughout the entire operation the device must be connected to the PC in the "CONNECTED TO PC " mode.2) Duration of the entire operation varies from some tens of seconds to some minutes, according to the key to be copied and the power of the computer usedHOW T..
Model: PUCN-CT142
  4D key Clone King NewInclude one master machine , one double head line with 9 pin, one adapter and four DVD. This 4D key programmer machine connect with the computer, then immediate to clone 4D .Available for SILCA electron 4D and ours brand electron 4D.The Method very easy and convenient .( no ne..
Model: PUCN-CT228-2
4D&46 Cloning Machine for TM100                                                                                                  TM100-46/4D copy box support chip list..
Model: PUCN-CT135
  AD100 Car Key Programmer It is the latest version, which is 13.01, add more cars than old version.Use for key programming. More cars than any other transponder machine .Language:1.English2.SpainishFeatures:READS FAULT CODES CLEARS FAULT CODES DISPLAYS LIVE DATA COMPONENET ACTUATION READS IMMOBILIS..
Model: PUCN-CT138
   AD900 Key Programmer  + 4D key Clone King NEW New function added: 8C and 8E chip  It can recongnize 8C and 8E chip and read information from it.AD900 Pro Transponder Duplicating Description: AD900 can read out and has detail explanation for such transponders as: 11,12,13,T5,33,40,41,42,44,45.8C a..
Model: PUCN-CT253
Downloadyd409-user-manual.pdf Adapter Baby Remote Controls Easy Match Necessay for All LocksmithsIf you're an experienced technicians in automotive locksmithing area, you must have meet those problems:Strange car models,  strange remote controls,  device matching failure, communicatio..
Model: PUCN-CT154
Downloadak300-bmw-cas-keymaker.pdf AK300  Key Programmer AK-300+ BMW CAS Key Maker V1.5 Highlights of AK300 Key Maker:Language: English, Chinese Operation System: Windows XPCar Coverage: BMW 2002 -2009 YearFirmware Version:  1.16Software Version: 1.50Support new BMW CAS,CAS2,CAS3,CA..
Model: PUCN-CT129
  AK400 BENZ & BMW 2in1 smart key programmerAll in one intelligence BENZ/BMW smart key makerBENZ:W220/W208/W210/W220/W203/W215/W230/W209/W219/W211/W230/W215(Big old key/Black key/Chrome key)BMW:new 1/3/5/6/7 CAS/CAS2/CAS3/CAS3+systemDescription:IR-Programmer(for Benz key)+Hitg2 programmer(for BMW ke..
Model: PUCN-CT139-2
AK500 Plus AK500 PRO2 Key Programmer For Mercedes Benz With EIS SKC CalculatorNotice:1. Support Language: English2. Computer system requires: XP systemAK500 Plus AK500 PRO2 Key Programmer is new released key programmer for BENZ.1. Powerful Motorola MCU Programming Function.2. Support Benz ECU's flas..
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