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Model: PUCN-CP132
2014 Infineon XC236x FLASH Programmer Highlights of 2014 Infineon XC236x FLASH Programmer:1. XC236x MCU's FLASH Read/Program/Verify Operation.2. Easy-to-use built-in HEX editor.3. Opto-isolated JTAG interface.4. Adaptive JTAG Clock.5. Real In-circuit connection. No pins need to be lifted up!6. Pictu..
Model: PUCN-CP112-4
New UPA USB Programmer 1.3 Version  Support:STMicroelectronics ST62*:ST6240, ST6245, ST6249NSC CR16*: CR16HCS5(9), CR16MCS5(9), CR16MES5(9), CR16MFS5(9), CR16MCT5/9, CR16HCT5/9Motorola HC05*: MC68HC05B6, MC68HC05B8, MC68HC05B16, MC68HC705B16, MC68HC05B32, MC68HC05E6, MC68HC705E6, MC68HC05H12, MC68HC..
Model: PUCN-CP108
9S12 908 711 705 4 ln 1 Motorola Programmer Top 2 Reasons to Get the 9S12 908 711 705 4 in 1 Motorola Programador: 1.Language :English 2.Opreation System : Easy to use Windows 98/NT/2000/XP softwareNotice : On the D53J mask set (MC68HC05X32), DIV10 is forced in bootstrap mode. So 20 MHz Crystal m..
Model: PUCN-CH114
Downloadpowergate-v386-car-list.pdf Powergate V3.86 Personal OBD Programmer Powergate is the most versatile device ever created for serial programming via diagnostic plug. By using all the newer protocols of communication (K-LINE, CAN and J1850), Powergate can read and write the Elec..
Model: PUCN-CZ305
Scania Euro6 Adblue EmulatorEmulator Scania Euro 6 not need to be leaming, You have to mount emulator in the plug of the EEC(AdBlue)ECU(in the pink one),Yon can find EEC ecu ta the center of the vehicle frame.Two big plugs(one is pink) in this manual you will find pin mumber of the EEC plug,also col..
Model: PUCN-CZ302
VOLVO EURO6 AdBle EmulatorWhy choose Volvo Euro6 Adblue Emulator?1.Avoid all of adblue system errors2.Do not need adblue fuel3.Do not get and adblue or NOx fault4.Prevent torque lossImportance of Volvo Euro6 Adblue Emulator:Trucks generally give adblue or nox system errors so work hard. Your truck c..
Model: PUCN-CR110
Airbag Resetting and Anti-Theft Code Reader 2 in 1 Airbag Reset Tool Attention: This device can't update now ,please kindly note.Description:When an explosion occurs in an airbag or the SRS light is turned on accidentally, commonly the airbag controller should be replaced since the traditional tools..
Model: PUCN-CR115
Downloadairbag-universal-repair-car-list.pdf Airbag Universal Repair 3.0 Ultimate 2016 Version Code Calculator USB dongle Airbag Universal Repair is the best software for the repair of ECU of airbag, accompanied by a graphical interface very simple and intuitive. Airbag Universal..
Model: PUCN-CP135
Audi VW Micronas and Fujitsu Programmer 2.0 For VW/AUDI With Multi-LanguagesSupported Languages: English, Deutsch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, CzechSupported Vehicle List:VWGolf5   06_2007- CDC3217_97Eos     06_2007- CDC3217_97Caddy 06_2007- CDC3217_97Tiguan 06_2007- CDC3217_97Touran 06_2007- CDC3..
Model: PUCN-S122
AUTEL Special Application Diagnostics MaxiCheck Oil Reset MaxiCheck Oil Reset  MaxiCheck Oil Light/Service Reset provide a quick and easy solution to everyday tasks in the workshop that cannot be completed without the use of a diagnostic tool. MaxiCheck diagnostic tools are perfect for technicians ..
Model: PUCN-S127
AUTEL Oil Light/Service Reset Tool OLS301 OLS301 Reset Tool Features:Extensive brand coverageResets Oil Service LightSets Inspection 1 Service IntervalSets Inspection 2 Service IntervalSets Inspection Mileage100% OBDII/EOBD coverageStep-by-step on-screen manual reset instructionsExtremely easy-to-..
Model: PUCN-CH117
BDM FRAME with Adapters Set Fit original FGTECH BDM FRAME with Adapters Set made from hight quality Plexiglass ,can use on BDM100 programmer , CMD,ETC. )..
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